The Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development Program (BUILD) is Boeing India's unique aerospace innovation, leadership and talent development program; designed for students and budding entrepreneurs. BUILD aims to help the young innovators of today shape their ideas into disruptions of tomorrow.

Next-gen innovations x Next-gen innovators

Open to student teams and new entrepreneurs across India, finalist teams for the BUILD program will be mentored by subject matter and industry experts as part of an intensive learning program, to shape and refine their ideas. BUILD will focus on identifying student innovators and budding startups and transform their ideas into sellable value propositions. The selected teams will also get the opportunities to refine and pitch their final propositions to Boeing and its connected ecosystem of investors, incubators and entrepreneurs.

The Flight Manual

The Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development Program is open to students and entrepreneurs across the country. Our incubator partners that include IITs, T-Hub IISc and KIIT, will work with Boeing and subject matter experts to judge the applications and select finalists for the BUILD bootcamp. The incubators will help selected teams hone their ideas and make them market ready. Teams shortlisted for the BUILD program get to:

steps for the shortlist

The Flight Plan

The BUILD program offers student teams and early-stage start-ups extensive support in its acceleration program over the course of 5 months.

flight plan application stages

Ideas ready for lift-off?

We are looking for the smartest, the brightest and the most passionate innovators – the ones who are passionate about redefining the future. We are looking for teams with outstanding and innovative ideas to solve problems in the following fields:

flight plan application stages

Crew on Board…

So, who is eligible to apply to the BUILD program? It’s simple. If you and your team (maximum 3 members) qualify under any of the categories below, go right ahead!


Students who have completed at least 2 years of an undergraduate course or are enrolled in a Master’s or PhD program, or are postdoctoral researchers

Applications from professors are also accepted if there are students on the team


Entrepreneurs or Startups in ideation stage (with an idea but without funding or an associated product and customers)

Note: Team sizes are limited to 3 per team with no more than 1 Professor per team

Launch now!

Applying to BUILD is easy. Click on any of the following links below on the basis of your region (where you study or work), fill out the form at our partner sites and hit submit! Deadlines for submitting applications is 17th June and if selected, you will hear from us by 21st June.

Select region:



For more information on the program and for any queries download the FAQs here – or reach out to