• Boeing P-8I aircraft completes first flight; begins official flight test program

    "The P-8I program is progressing well and we are excited that India will soon have this aircraft as part of its fleet."
    - Rear Adm. DM Sudan, assistant chief of Naval Staff (Air), Indian Navy

    July 17, 2012

    Major milestones for the P-8I program have been achieved since the contract was signed in 2009. The first P-8I will be delivered to India in early 2013.

    On a sunny September day in 2011, representatives from the Indian Navy and Boeing proudly watched as the P-8I took off on its first flight from Renton Field at around noon Pacific time and landed two hours and 31 minutes later at Boeing Field in Seattle.

    During the flight, Boeing test pilots performed airborne systems checks including engine accelerations and decelerations and autopilot flight modes, and took the P-8I to a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet prior to landing.

    Following mission systems installation and checkout, in July 2012 the aircraft began its official flight test program. Boeing test pilots are putting the P-8I through its paces testing the aircraft’s mission systems and communication systems as well as conducting “stores” testing.

    As part of the stores testing, the P-8I is carrying inert weaons shapes under its wings to demonstrate the aircraft is capable of carrying all the weapons the Indian Navy will use during regular missions.

    To date flight testing is going well and is on schedule.

    The second P-8I aircraft for the Indian Navy completed its initial flight on July 12, 2012, taking off from Renton Field at 3:29 p.m. and landing two hours and 14 minutes later at Boeing Field in Seattle.

    Boeing is presently completing mission systems installation and checkout work on the aircraft at a company facility near Boeing Field.

    Boeing also is completing final assembly of the third P-8I aircraft and it will make its first flight in the coming months.”

    Boeing teams use best-in-industry in-line production process and Boeing’s existing Next-Generation 737 production system to efficiently design the P-8I for India as well as the P-8A for the U.S. Navy.

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