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Minister Smriti Irani Dedicates Two Boeing Literacy Programs to Empower ‘Sukanyas’ of Amethi

  • Launched under the flagship Boeing Sukanya Program guided by PM Modi’s vision.
  • Inaugurates 30 Boeing Room to Read Libraries and three Boeing Innovation Studios with Learning Links Foundation in Amethi schools.

Amethi, India, February 28, 2024 – The Hon’ble Minister of Women and Child Development and Minority Affairs of the Government of India, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, today inaugurated 30 libraries under Boeing’s Room to Read literacy program and 3 Boeing Innovation Studios by Learning Links Foundation in the Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh.

Minister Irani launched the Boeing literacy programs in the district to help advance female literacy and empower girl children in Amethi. The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi had recently dedicated to the nation the Boeing Sukanya Program, which aims to provide opportunities for girls and women from across India to learn critical skills in STEM fields and train for jobs in the aviation sector.

“Foremost, I am grateful to our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji for his vision in helping advance the participation of our country’s daughters in India's aviation sector through the Boeing Sukanya Program. I am equally delighted that under this program, we expand the literacy outreach by setting up 60 Boeing – Room to Read libraries and Boeing STEM labs in Amethi, of which 30 libraries and three STEM labs are fully operational for children in Amethi today,” said Smt. Irani. “Programs such as these not only make education accessible and employment inclusive for our girls and women but empower every woman to be the center of decision-making in the family, community, and country – and that is a vision we drive for the district and nation,” she added.

Minister Irani was accompanied by senior Government and district officials, Boeing India Chief of Staff and Boeing Global Engagement Lead, India and South Asia, Ms. Praveena Yagnambhat, Mr. Sudeep Dube, senior vice president, Learning Links Foundation, and Mr. Rishi Rajvanshi, Director, Innovation and Donor Engagement, Room to Read India at the opening ceremonies in Amethi today.

“We are proud of the commitment we made as part of the Boeing Sukanya Program to set up the infrastructure and enable access to education, guided by PM Modi’s vision for greater participation of more girl children into the country’s growing aviation sector, and pleased to have Minister Irani to expand the outreach in Amethi district today,” said Mr. Salil Gupte, president, Boeing India and South Asia. “We also thank our partners Room to Read and Learning Links Foundations for their focus and dedication.” added Salil.

Launched in 2023 in the Amethi district, the Boeing Room to Read literacy program will touch 60 primary schools for the next few years in Amethi to help nurture independent readers and lifelong learners. The libraries are equipped with modern amenities and resources including books, reading tables, open bookshelves, display units, and other educational materials. In addition, the program will also drive family and community engagement and awareness through community meetings, events, summer camps, parental orientation, school management committee training, and reading campaigns. The program will also enable professional development training for educators and faculty. The initiatives will help create awareness among families, communities, and educators about the right ways to support children at home and in school.

Speaking on the partnership, Ms. Poornima Garg, Country Director, Room to Read India said, "In Amethi, our partnership with Boeing bolsters support for 60 schools, reinforcing our enduring collaboration that has positively influenced the lives of more than 20,000 students nationwide. We firmly believe that education is a fundamental right for all, and together with Boeing, we are dedicated towards advancing state government’s Mission Prerna to improve quality of education, especially children’s foundational learning skills in Uttar Pradesh.”

Similarly, in partnership with Learning Links Foundation (LLF), a renowned not-for-profit organization, Boeing sets up three Innovation Studios that will enable collaborative and hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning among the children in the district. Built with a commitment to advance education in adherence to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, these Innovation Studios are designed to enhance 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving among the children.

Mr. Sudeep Dube, Senior Vice President, Learning Links Foundation said, “STEM learning is essential for preparing students to navigate an increasingly technology-driven world, equipping them with the skills needed for building future careers and for contributing to the overall development of a nation. At Learning Links Foundation, we prioritize STEM initiatives to empower students with the tools and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, and we are pleased with today’s launch aligned with LLFs vision.”

As a socially responsible business leader, Boeing is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities among which it operates. Through focused programs in skilling, education and nutrition, healthcare and sanitation, workforce development, and veterans’ welfare, Boeing has positively impacted more than 13 lakh lives in India over the years. 



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